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Empowering the Future of Cleantech Innovation in Georgia

Building a Leading Cleantech
Innovation Ecosystem

The Georgia Cleantech Innovation Hub is creating a broad set of partnerships and programs to enhance market access; connect innovators to talent, capital, and customers; educate cleantech entrepreneurs; spread a culture of inclusive innovation. Ultimately, we want Georgia to be the best place for innovators to create new cleantech products, services and companies because the barriers to accessing resources are low. Join us in shaping Georgia’s future as a leader in tomorrow’s growth industries.

Why Georgia?

In recent years,  billions have poured into Georgia and the Southeast and transformed the region into a thriving center for cleantech manufacturing. With a diverse array of resources supporting new technology businesses, Georgia stands poised to emerge as a leading hub for cleantech innovation.

Research & Development

Georgia is home to 3 of the top 50 research universities in the country. Along with over 35 corporate innovation centers, innovators have access to the world-class resources that these institutions attract.

and Location

Georgia air, land, and sea ports enable 80% of the US to be accessible within a two-hour flight and or by land in less than 2 days.


Georgia is a magnet for top technical talent, with over 14,000 engineers working in the state from the nation’s top 10 engineering schools. Moreover, Georgia universities mint a diverse cohort of nearly 5,000 new engineers every year.


Georgia is home to 34 of the Fortune 1000 companies. These companies along with state and local governments create a multibillion dollar market for cleantech innovation.

Whom We Serve

Collaboration increases the pace and scale of innovation. We serve innovators by partnering across public, private, not-for-profit, academic institutions, and investors to launch the programs and initiatives that no single organization can do alone.

Public & Private Companies

Corporations need innovation to maintain competitive advantage. Connect with the hub to learn about the multiple ways corporations can tap into cleantech innovation.


Universities create IP and train the cleantech leaders for tomorrow. Get involved with the hub to find out how we can help you extend your training programs and support IP translation.


Start-ups are the lifeblood of innovation ecosystems. Your needs are acute and margin for error small. Connect with the hub to figure out how we can quickly connect you to the right resources for your current situation.

Non Governmental Organizations and Economic Development Authorities

Growth, prosperity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of your mission. Connect with the hub to learn how we can help unlock the benefits of cleantech innovation to drive your mission.


Investors provide the fuel for innovators to harden and scale their ideas. Contact us to see how you can increase the reach and impact of your investments.

Incubators and Accelerators

The support infrastructure for start-ups works in the background to ensure start-ups can focus on their most important problems. Contact the hub to learn how we can make your efforts more efficient and impactful.

A Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem

The Georgia Cleantech Innovation Hub aims to create a world-class cleantech ecosystem that ensures the rich resources available to cleantech innovations are available, easy to access for all, and broadly distributed.

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